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Dec. 6th - 13th, 2019

  1. Participants 21 years and older win 3 days and 2 nights vacation.*  Participants 16 to 20 years win $100 Visa Gift Card to use wherever Visa is accepted.
  2. You have to go to our website to see the official rules to play.
  3. Once on our website sign up for our newsletter.
  4. You have to follow @Pretti_Emage on IG and do a 60-sec video of you dancing to the song Me vs You. Once you do the video and post it on your IG and or Facebook you have to tag Pretti Emage in it and use the hashtag #mevsyousong.

The video with the most views by the appointed deadline will be declared the winner of the contest. The winners will then be reached via email or Direct Message to obtain the necessary information needed to mail out the prizes.

* Las Vegas, NV * Orlando, FL * Gatlinburg, TN * Kissimmee, FL * Myrtle Beach, SC * Branson, MO * Lake Tahoe, CA * Pigeon Forge, TN * Reno, NV


  1. 3 Days 2 Night Hotel Accommodations

  2. $100 Visa gift card


You mail in your voucher (or redeem online at the website on the card) and pay the $18 processing fee and cover the cost of room taxes which is currently $15.00 per night (subject to change), when following the terms and conditions, which require you to register your reservation form, book your rooms in advance. You will receive back a reservation request form by mail. This form will be date stamped with the issue date. Be sure to read the reservation form carefully, and completely, and follow all instructions. You will have 30 days from the issue date to return that form back to the travel provider, along with your requested city, travel dates and your room taxes. You are required to select two travel dates, the first of which is at least 60 days from the time that the travel provider receives the reservation request form, and the second requested date which is at least 45 days beyond the first date. If you don’t know your travel dates when you receive your reservation request form, you should still submit it along with the room taxes to the travel provider within 30 days of the stamped issue date, and you can submit your requested travel dates to the travel provider once you have them. You must use your hotel voucher within one year from the stamped issue date. If you follow all of the terms on the reservation request form, you should receive a pre-confirmation letter from the travel provider within 10 to 15 days. You should make a photocopy of the completed reservation request form that you send to the travel provider so that you have their contact information in case you need to follow up with them, or have any additional questions. The offer is for two adults, ages 21 or older. If you would like to add additional adults/children, the travel provider allows you to do that for a per night per additional adult/child fee (regardless of age). The maximum number of people allowed per room is 4. The travel provider reserves the right to add/delete cities at any time without prior notice. Hotels require that customers using this special offer must live more than 150 miles from their selected destination. Any/all changes/cancellations made to your reservation, for any reason, may be subject to a fee.


Risky Bizness Entertainment and Corey Jackson (Insurance Agent) call (813) 485-6949 for a life insurance or healthcare plan.

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